This site is not the end-all of Tristan Rogers or Robert Scorpio websites. It is merely an attempt to share interesting facts and trivia regarding Robert Scorpio and the talented actor who has brought him to life, Tristan Rogers. The current offering of videos below reminds us about the romantic side of the Super Spy.

Robert is a Romantic

Robert didn’t always plan out romantic moments, but he was always perceptive enough to clue in to the mood at hand and make the most of it. Sometimes romance is a small and quiet moment. Sometimes it is all bells and whistles. Sometimes tender. Sometimes fireworks. He could take a single moment and turn it into romance, with a few words, or with a look. However it came about, his romantic side always melted hearts. Below are just a few reminders of Robert's romantic side throughout the years. (Thanks to all the original YT posters.)


R&H watch Rebecca: R&H’s first kiss is followed by him bringing her breakfast in bed and bringing their feelings out in the open.

Balloons champagne & flowers. Robert plans a romantic evening with his particular wit and charm. Who wouldn’t appreciate this from their man?

Robert tells Holly he loves her and would never hurt her. Tender moment.

R&H’s first time together. Those words. That look. Oh “Night and Day”

Robert goes to Boston. Even when he doesn’t plan the evening, he tries to put romance above everything else (even when he’s forced to leave by the WSB). Sometimes romance is just seeing the disappointment in his eyes.

Because I Love You That Much. Real love goes beyond flowers and pretty words. Self-sacrifice is romantic.


Mexico Adventure: The Pool. Robert arrives at Sean’s place and surprises Holly with a dip in the pool. She struggles to ignore him … but really, who could? He lets her know that he missed her and that her safety is important to him, with his usual grin and wit.


All’s Fair in Love and War. Robert and Anna’s first kiss. A con turns real and Robert realizes it- his true feelings for her surface. Though it is supposed to be unemotional spy work, Robert is tender and sensitive. and shows his caring side. He remembers this time all his life.

On the way home, Robert and Cheryl run out of gas. They spend their first night together. Planned or not, still sweet.


Robert and Cheryl’s picnic date. (part 2) Romance on the lighter side. Not as serious as Holly or Anna, but still he makes a sweet effort for his lady.


Unbeknownst to Robert, Anna plans his date with Kate, but Robert tries to take advantage of it.

Robert even admits to Anna that he knows a thing or two about romance.

Robert and Kate by the fire. He’s such a cute cuddler.


Robert comes home, finds Kate, and finds out that flowers and champagne don’t always solve everything. But he sure knows how to stop a fight.

Then, there is 1991… ahhhh

Valentine’s Day Massacre. Orchestrated by Robin, and played out by R&A. Robert begins to remember and realize his true deep feelings of deep seated love for Anna. The dance begins… VDM1, VDM2, VDM3, VDM4, VDM5.

The dance continues and Robert goes for payback. He shows he can turn on the charm and get Anna’s attention in a big way. Romance AND trying to make his point, all at the same time.

Robert invites Anna over for dinner. Dinnerus interuptus.

Robert shares some memories with Anna. Romance is sometimes knowing he remembers those things you always held close to your own heart, and thinking about your relationship in a deeper way.

While worried about Anna’s disappearance, Robert stops a stranger in his penthouse, but finds it’s Anna. But making up from this one is epically earthmoving.

The proposal. Robert doesn’t need an exotic atmosphere to be romantic.

Like any good agent who faces problems to be solved, Robert tries to fix the problems wrecking havoc on his honeymoon plans. The effort itself so romantic and sweet: on the train; and then the plan all comes together.

Sometimes romance is spontaneous.

Robert's ever changing hair: Which was your fav?

1) long hair 2) medium hair 3) short hair